Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jeff Farnam's Memorial Service

A date and time have been set for Jeff Farnam's Memorial Service. It is:

June 10th, 3:00 p.m. at the First Universalist Church
3400 Dupont Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 

A catered celebration of Jeff's amazing life will follow at:

5:30 p.m. at the Minneapolis Photo Center
2400 North Second Street, Second Floor of the Northwind Lofts
Minneapolis, MN 55411

The Center is located four blocks north and two blocks east of West Broadway Avenue and Washington Avenue North, in the Hawthorne neighborhood, just north of the Minneapolis Warehouse District and on the western side of the Mississippi River from the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District. We have free parking available for our members and guests.

Kevin Kling will be the featured speaker and yours truly has been asked to be one of eight speakers who will give short, three to five minute speeches later in the ceremony.

This picture shows one of the patented set of front wheels Jeff had patented in the United States and Canada. Besides being an excellent photographer and pilot, he was also an inventor.

Check out these wheels. Click on the image to make it larger:

I look forward to seeing you at Jeff's Memorial Service.

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A @ J said...

Hey Mike,
One your old quad friends to let you know I saw your blog info on Linked In and decided to see what you had to say. It's a bummer about Jeff Farnam... I did the same thing as you did with Bill Smith two years ago. Too many of us spinal cords are going to the other side as of late. Mike Drier, Keven Sullivan, Rick Ryan, Roger Hoffman and Billy - all in the last two years! I talked to my doc about it and she said, "We are just learning about you guys and disasbility aging. Not enough data..." I guess they didn't expect us to live past 7 years when I broke my neck in 74, so I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised. Doesn't make it any easier to lose a friend as I know you understand - it sucks...
Later, Jeff Bangsberg