Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Needed A Little Humor

I was going through my Inbox trying to cull it down from over five hundred emails to a more manageable number, when I came across this humorous video. I have seen it before, laughed at it then and after watching and laughing my way through it a few more times, decided to share it with you.

See what you think of this Ray Stevens' classic?

I try to follow his logic and he seems to have it correct. Do you have any problem with his logic?

This is the shortest post I have ever put up. I am practicing for my three hundred word eulogy of Jeff on June tenth. At least, I think that is the date. I cannot believe it, this whole post and I only wrote one hundred fifty-six words, and one video! Maybe I better work on making the next one a little longer.

I look for your comments.



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Earl said...

It's cute, and the point of the post that makes sense to me it how hard it is to just plain old grieve. Meaning be sad for your loss, not to mention all those other "normal" emotions that get cooked up . . . anger, fear, exhaustion, hopelessness, you know, the heavy stuff. Personally, I believe the best way to deal with it is straight on, go through it with out grand strategies for avoiding the hard parts. But a little humor now and then sure can feel good. Check out my book on grief and loss for adolescents, Help for the Hard Times: