Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Great Quote I Needed

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know I wrote about losing a good friend to cancer. If you want to read it, go to my April first post, and read what I wrote about my friend, Jeff Farnam. We lost Jeff on the eleventh about 6:30 that evening when he had been moved to hospice, asked several of his friends to come to his room and had all the life support systems turned off.

It has been a week now and I have had a hard time dealing with the fact we will never again sit in Calhoun Square and watch the scenery! Sit in on one of his photo sessions and watch him work, or meet at Lucia's or the BLB and share a meal and stories.

His service dog, Reggie, has been adopted by a good friend of Jeff's, and will have a loving family with a Standard Poodle as a constant playmate.

I have been asked to be one of eight speakers to eulogize him at his service, which has not been set yet since they are having a hard time coordinating all the pieces Jeff wanted for his memorial. I will let you know when it finally happens in case anyone wants to attend.

Jeff was a micro-manager and is still controlling many things even though his remains are sitting in a safe place until the day comes he will be put in his crypt.

He told a good friend he wanted the speakers to say no more than three hundred words. Well, there is no way he can control me and the length of my eulogy from where he is now; but if you know me, you know I cannot say anything in three hundred words! I plan to read my post from the first, but I will say a few words before that too! I This post is already over three hundred words!

I was inspired to finally write this by going through some old email and culling the files to clean the folders up a bit when I stumbled upon the first part of this quote and it was not credited to the author. 

A quick Google search revealed the first sentence was only part of the quote. The second sentence was the rest of Joel Kogel's quote. I like it: 

The worst thing in your life may contain seeds of the best. When you see crisis as an opportunity, your life becomes not easier, but more satisfying. 

 Joel Kogel

I can certainly relate to this quote to my life, especially the first sentence.

I look forward to your comments.



P.S. Four hundred fifty-seven words including this Post Script! What did I tell you? 


Ruona said...

Sorry about you losing your bud. Them are the hardest one's to get over.


Lynn said...

Nice tribute to your friend Mike. Sorry for your Loss.

Colleen said...

I do believe Jeff will forgive you if and when you go over the three hundred words as he knew that would be impossible for you to do ... rest easy, son.

Earl Hipp said...

Think Gettysburg Address. Go as a friend, not a "speaker." You don't need someone else's quote. Speak from the heart, not the head (script).

Simply let the audience feel your love for him by saying your truth about the man and your friend. I think that is the best tribute.

Love to you and blessings on his memory.

Karen said...

Dear Mike,

I am sorry that you lost such a good friend: I know how much it hurts. Been there. Please accept my condolences.


AugustJohnston said...

Hi Mike! It's been a long time. I really enjoyed reading your posts... and my only complaint: too short. But you have help aiding in my decision to write something too. I haven't been asked to speak, but that's not my motive. Thank you for your words and I look forward to hearing more from someone that can relate to Jeff in way's i'll never truly know (hopefully?). I know Jeff would have it no other way. Best wishes, August (Cathey's son)