Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Uncle Warren And Uncle Bill

Imagine you are sixteen years old, you are a World Class Ping Pong player with a very good chance of winning the first medal ever for your country in your sport in next month's London Olympics, and you can call two of the richest men in the world "Uncle"!

Well, Ariel Hsing can and does, just that! Young Miss Hsing has known Mister Buffet since she was nine and was even invited to his seventy-fifth Birthday Party. Can you imagine the party guest list at that party? I wonder if she slept well the night before?

The CBS News ran this video story two nights ago. Check out the story here:

If the video does not play, click here. Did you check out the size of Bill Gate's paddle?

What did you think of the video? I believe with those two in your corner, being an excellent student and hopeful Olympic medalist, her future looks pretty good! I got a charge out of her comment about how her career choice has maybe changed to business. She will no doubt have excellent references on her resume!

I look forward to your comments.



P.S. This is a landmark post for me. It is my 200th post since I started with a post on the 35W Bridge Collapse on August 6, 2007. Check it out by clicking here:



Colleen said...

Can you imagine the future this young woman will have? I would like to read the letters of recommendation she receives from her two UNCLES,
wouldn't you?

Mike Patrick said...

It would be fun. Can you imagine what will happen to her if she wins a medal, especially a Gold Medal?

Earl said...

I can almost "feel" how smart she is. Way competitive too. I think I'm just jealous.