Monday, March 5, 2012

It Just Keeps Coming

People often tell me I have no idea what kind of affect I, my accident, my speeches, my blog and now, my book have on people. Or, for that matter, who I have affected. I know it happens all the time because members of my audience tell me they are affected in so many ways. I get emails, letters, phone calls and I run into people when I am out in public and they tell me. Teachers tell me in emails after a visit how the students are still quoting me. Parents call me. I learn in many ways.

For instance, last night I spoke to a group of middle and high school students from several different schools at a Religion class at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis. I also have one new Facebook friend already from my speech. Three things happened very unexpectedly and took me by surprise. When I finished laughing, I said each time, "Now, there's material for a blog post!"

Then this happened. I got a note from my very good friend, Joel Krekelberg's younger brother, Jon. Jon shared this ballad his eighth grade daughter, Maris, had written about me for a class after she read my book. May I add, she got an A for her effort!

It is already on my Facebook page and getting great comments!

Please read this: Click on the image to make it larger:

Feel free to comment. As always, I look forward to them.



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Earl Hipp said...

Lovely Mike... I'm not at all that it "keeps coming." YOU keep being you and out there, what do you expect!

Anonymous said...

Fat Cat, Bottomline - you the man!