Monday, February 27, 2012

Check Out This Letter

I know I do not usually post this close together, but I received this letter several days ago and asked Shane if he minded if I share it with you. The author, Shane Peters, and I were teammates, classmates and friends in high school. In fact, I borrowed his forearm pads to use the night of my accident. He said something like, "Sure, I won't be using them." Shane was a sophomore and as such, knew he probably would not get into the game.

I read it several times and decided to call him and thank him for this wonderful letter. The next night I looked up his phone number on the 'net and we talked for about an hour. It was great fun!

His letter touches on the book, his feelings, and most importantly, he tells me about the struggles his granddaughter was born with and is living with every day. That is what affects me the most. It always amazes me what people will tell me! He touches on it in the letter, but it happens to me every day when I speak.

Just the other day at Big Lake, after my assembly, a young student told me about how his father broke his neck riding a four-wheeler. He said he was not paralyzed, but it has affected his hands a bit and as a mechanic, it has proven to be a problem. That is just one story from Big Lake. There are more!

Anyway, back to Shane's letter. Please read it and feel free to comment.

Click on the image to make it larger:

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Anonymous said...

Cool Mike. Thanks for sharing!


BKady said...

What an amazing letter - and a wonderful testament to the lives you are touching Mike!

thedrumwallet said...

Nice Mike! Keep up the good work brother! I am proud to have always been walking in your tire tracks brother!

Anonymous said...

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