Sunday, March 11, 2012

Education Is Changing

Once again 60 Minutes has introduced me to an incredible man who is making a huge difference in public education in America, and all over the world for that matter. With the help of teachers all over the world, thirty-five-year-old Sal Khan and the Khan Academy are teaching elementary students math.

This is just the beginning for this concept and it promises to be a major paradigm shift for the way schools go about teaching children in the future. Watch this segment and see what you think:

I am having trouble embedding the video, so just click on this URL and you can view the video.

I have watched it three times already, and find something new each time.There are a lot of things I would like to write about it, but I believe the video speaks for itself.

I look forward to your comments.




MKR said...

Last week my daughter excitedly showed me some youtube videos by a young woman named Vi Hart. In the videos, Vi explains a variety of mathematical principles in a very entertaining way, not talking down to the viewer, but by making braininess seem fun and exciting and cool. And Vi Hart is now a "resident mathemusician" at the Khan Academy. If you go to the Khan Academy website, you can find her videos under the section labelled "Vi Hart".

I'm Not Done Yet said...


Did your daughter get the Vi Hart video at her school? If so, is it a public school? Just curious.



MKR said...

Yes, my daughter was introduced to the Vi Hart videos at school - she's in the 5th grade "gifted and talented" math class. It's a public school. Her teacher also sent the parents an email talking about the Khan Academy and the 60 minutes story.