Friday, August 22, 2008

For You Boomers!

I came across this video the other day of Tom Rush. If you Boomers out there occasionally have one of those "senior moments," or as I learned recently, they are also known as "intellectual interruptions," I believe you will appreciate it. Enjoy!

For my younger readers, don't worry, life is short. Your time will come soon enough. :-)

He has several more videos on YouTube.
Check him out. We all need to laugh at ourselves every once in a while.

I have watched it a few times and laugh out loud each time.




Peter said...

Hi Mike,

Being a teenager, this kind of thing reminds me how senior citizens, like my grandparents, often have a hard time with the minor details in life while the rest of the world seemingly moves at a relentless pace. We all need to slow down sometimes and get it together, no matter what age.

While I always read them, I wish I took the time to comment more on your posts!


I'm Not Done Yet said...

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the comment. It's a very wise observation and great advice, especially coming from a teenager. Feel free to comment away anytime!

Thanks again.