Sunday, January 15, 2012

Real Or Fake

A friend sent me this several months ago and I think it is very impressive. After I did a little research on it and other similar sport tricks, it got me to wondering if it was real or fake. What do you think?

After the video, they show several other videos of tricks young guys do with baseballs and basketballs and in numerous places. It makes one wonder how many takes it took to get the shots they put on the videos. They reminded me of the McDonald's Larry Bird and Magic Johnson playing HORSE in a trick shot ad campaign from several years ago.

I question the validity of the attached baseball video because of some things that have happened to me in the last four months. I have been dealing with a wolf in sheep's clothing. I will go into more of that as it plays out. It makes it hard to trust people.

I guess since they are on the Internet, they must be true; because as everyone knows, if it is online, it has to be true!

Meanwhile, I look forward to your comments on the attached batting practice video.




Anonymous said...

I've been burned too many times when I forwarded a so-called seemingly reliable email without checking with someone like Heck you've even straightened me out on some stuff. On this one I call BS.

Hand in there Fat Cat. The authorities will eventually apprehend this lobo.


Diane Habbena Dady said...

Just finished your book. Got it last night at 9 and read half last night and the rest over an extended noon hour so I could finish. I could "hear" you saying all those things and I enjoyed it immensely! I remember Kathleen saying you would not live to be very old! What do they know!! Thanks for the good read!

Diane Habbena Dady

Mary said...

Mike, this humble person - and no baseball player - me - thinks this is a stunt and fake. So much can be done electronically these days. The batter may have done some great hitting but then someone else turned it into something for youtube. But, don't lose your trust in others. Not a good thing. 99% of us are straight shooters and won't do anyone any harm. We all hate to be duped but now you're wising up and smart enough to see the wolf in sheep's clothing for who he/she is. Take it from there and expose that person. Think how good you'll feel inside. Another challenge accomplishment for Mike.

katiejane said...

Hey Mike, I once had the pleasure of being your nurse at Abbott, and I would love to know where I can get a copy of your book. I am also wondering if you have given a copy to Jack Jablonski? I am sure you have heard about his accident and he is now at sister kenny rehab, and it has been publicly announced so I am not breaking Hipaa!! If not I would love to buy him a copy as well. I read on one post a while ago that if the book is bought from the publisher it is better for you? Please let me know, Thanks!Katie

I'm Not Done Yet said...

Hi Katie Jane:

Thanks for your note. I'm not sure who you are, but please send me an email on my personal email address and not on this public forum. It is

You may get my book on my website by clicking on the "I Still Believe in Tomorrow" icon on the upper right hand corner of my home page at Click on the appropriate format for your computer and follow the directions. You'll have the book downloaded in a matter of seconds.

As far as contacting Jack Jablonski, someone needs to introduce me to him and his family. I can't do that. I believe the initial contact needs to come from someone other than me.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and/or concerns.

Thank you,