Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Do The Right Thing!

When I got hurt more than forty years ago, my family became my built-in group of caregivers. In fact, one of my second cousins offered to come and be my private duty nurse. She was a new grad and wanted to do her part to help us. I often wondered what it would have been like if we would have taken June up on her offer?

Who better than one's own family is there to take care of a loved one after a traumatic injury? My parents were my primary caregivers, but my siblings also helped in more ways than I can count. We started them young too. Witness my little brother, Chad helping to feed me some of his first birthday cake:

Click on the picture to enlarge it:

We put him to work early! Both of my parents became my primary caregivers and all my siblings became secondary caregivers. 

Now, the Obama administration has proposed new rules that would allow service members' families to do the same by taking leave from their jobs to do the same for their injured family members. 

I think it is a wonderful idea! You can learn more about the plan by clicking here to read this Associated Press article from today's USA TODAY. It is a good, quick read. According to the article, The proposal expands eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act, which allows employees to take unpaid leave for certain medical or family reasons.

I believe it makes sense to expand it to our military as well.

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Cathy Moody said...

Yes, yes, yes!!!

Earl Hipp said...

Sometime the politicos do the right thing!

Nice chair in that pic Mike!

Earl Hipp said...

What a gift that would be to so many.

Nice chair in that pic Mike... the good ol days.