Friday, October 7, 2011

I Am Sad Today

I believe it was a sad day yesterday when we found out $202,689,028 could not buy you another World Championship. It was a sad day for Yankee fans when their $264,416,252 third baseman struck out to end another futile attempt at buying a championship. When one considers nine out of the top fifteen single season highest salaries of all time have been paid to one man, when combined with his teammates earn more than some small, third world country's entire budget, it truly is sad they cannot buy a championship every year.

Numbers five and ten on the list did not do their job last night either. Granted, their salaries on this chart were for 2010, but I believe the reason is their 2011 salaries were not included in the chart. If they included 2011 salaries, Alex Rodriguez would have the Top Five Annual Baseball Salaries of All Time!

Mister Steinbrenner is gone now, but I believe his ownership of the Yankees and the way he poured so much money into his team was one of the worst things ever to happen to Major League Baseball.

I truly believe Curt Flood had no idea what he was doing when he challenged Baseball's Reserve Clause and the resulting free agency that brought about today. I agree with his reasoning for challenging the status quo, but free agency today has gotten way too far out of hand.

Bill Russell, the famous Hall of Fame Center from the Boston Celtics basketball team says they went so far in the playoffs every year because they did not want to get real jobs in the off season to make enough money to live until the following season started. I do not think today's multi-millionaire athletes have that worry.

Oh, there was at least one more sad thing happen yesterday. Steve Jobs died. I would not be listening to my talk radio or typing this blog post if he had not done the things he did either.

I look for your comments.



P.S. If you happened to watch that sad game last night, did you notice how one of the heroes for the Detroit Tigers was Delmon Young? I believe he played for the Twins until August. That is sad too.


I'm Not Done Yet said...

If you are a baseball fan like I am, you may have watched the Cardinals — Phillies Game 5 last night. Nick Punto was a defensive hero for the Cardinals, and played a big part as they advance to the NLCS. Good for him! That also makes me sad as the Twins got rid of him a year ago. So, that makes two former Twins players who are still playing baseball well into October. At least I can root for two forrmer Twins players.

Carlye Peterson said...

Yeah, I really am sad....;-) :-0 :-) !!!!

Dwayne Haffield said...

It's just plain un-American, shame on Detroit.

Lynn Clark said...

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the Yankees will have more money to throw around because Steinbrenner died in the one year in recent history that there was no estate tax.