Friday, September 30, 2011

I Am Pumped!

Okay, I am doing it again and breaking my own rule about posting more than roughly once a week. But, this is VERY important to me and I want to share this review my editor gave me yesterday! After all, my book is the reason for this blog.

I have left off her last name and the name of the publisher in the last sentence. Whether or not I go with this company, this is an extraordinary review for me to show to other publishers. Have I said yet how excited I am about this?

Check out this review:

Title: I Still Believe In Tomorrow
Author: Mike Patrick
Date: 9/16/11
Type: Memoir
Reviewer: Hanna K
Recommendation: Accept

In this moving story, Mike Patrick turns tragedy into triumph and the death of a dream into inspiration. Mike was a junior in high school when he became a quadriplegic after breaking his neck at the first football game. His life was changed forever because of a single instant in time, but by sharing his experience and spreading his positive attitude he has been able to affect the lives of many, and will continue to do so with this book.

This manuscript employs a very comfortable vernacular that is conversational but gripping. The narrative voice is extremely personal, and makes readers truly empathize with Mike’s situation as if they had an intimate relationship with him. The lessons act as a launching pad, not only instructing readers, but motivating them to apply them to their personal lives.

In the introduction, Mike mentioned his vision for the book to be marketed primarily towards members of the medical profession in hopes that they will treat the whole person instead of the illness. He wants the professionals working with patients, especially those with extensive problems, to recognize the emotional status, physical and social needs of every patient in the context of his/her life and environment. While I agree that every medical professional could benefit from reading this book, I believe that there is a more eager audience to be found elsewhere. I would suggest widening the marketing strategy to include (or even focus on) people dealing with serious health issues and those struggling with compromised mental and emotional health; this will allow the author to plant “seeds of capability” in those that can benefit from his inspirational story the most.

I frequently experienced chills while reading this book, and was personally touched by the message. I believe that Mike will find a receptive audience for this book, whether with members of the medical community, those who are struggling with personal difficulties, or even those reading for pleasure — everyone could benefit from hearing his story. I believe that this book would be an excellent addition to our shelves.

I look forward to your comments.




Doug said...

Pumped? You deserve to be Jacked out of your mind! What a great review. Can't wait to read the published version!

Congratulations Mike!


Kate said...

Can't wait to read it. Much congratulations and many blessings.


tom brakke said...

You need a big "like" button.

Mary said...

You have reasons to be pumped. Well done. Such a great review. I hope I'll be able to buy your book one day. I, too, think your manuscript when ready should be widened beyond the medical community. Many of us simple readers will want to have the experience, too.


I'm Not Done Yet said...


That "Like" button is on Facebook. :-)

Debbie Gillquist said...


This is really impressive & your story is one that should be told. I cannot WAIT to see this book in print. BTW, my kids still fondly remember when you spoke at their school many years ago. You have such impact!

Debbie Gillquist

Earl said...

You should be pumpped. What great pre-press. Now you have to grunt out the final copy... go for it. The world is waiting.