Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Need To Clarify Something

Recently, I have heard from a few subscribers and Facebook Friends that it is not clear on how to make a comment on this blog. For those of you who know how, you can save your time and just delete this post now.

For those of you who do not know how to post a comment: There is a line of text at the end of every post that reads:

"You are subscribed to email updates from I'm Not Done Yet"

Just click on the blue, underlined I'm Not Done Yet, and it will take you to the blog. Once you are on the blog, go to the end of the post and you will see the word COMMENTS with the number of comments already made in front of it.

Click on COMMENTS, and it will take you to the cell where you can leave your comment. Once you leave your comment, please identify yourself in one of the Categories below your comment that reads Choose an identity in orange letters. If you already have a Blog, you can just click your Blogspot account.

Please click on the Name/URL button and enter your name. If you wish to remain Anonymous, you can click on that button. I hope you choose to identify yourself. If you just want your first name showing, so be it.

These next two paragraphs are for my Facebook Friends. Please go to my blog and subscribe. Be sure you reply to the Feedburner Confirmation email you will receive to complete your subscription.

I am trying to build up my blog membership at the suggestion of a marketing person I talked to about marketing the book. FYI: The book is almost ready to go to epublication. I have some interest with a couple publishing companies. It is moving along, but the process is slow.

I look forward to getting new subscribers and your comments.

Thank you.



1 comment:

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