Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Windspire

I am always fascinated at the rate of change we are seeing today. In doing some research for a post on change, I came across this video and website from Mariah Power in Reno, Nevada. Mariah Power is building a unique, new wind generator they call the Windspire.

You can read more about them by clicking here. I also encourage you to check out this video to see just what their new Windspire is all about:

It shifted my paradigm about the new wind power technology we are seeing today. We now know the huge wind farms beginning to dot the landscape are not the only way to generate power from the wind. The wind generators of today are drastically different than the windmills from our parents and grandparents farms of only a generation or two ago.

Change is happening in virtually every aspect of our lives these days. To think young people in school today will be working in careers in five to ten years that are not even invented yet truly amazes me!

What are some of the changes you are experiencing in your life? I look forward to reading about them.



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