Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!


I was doing a little research to find an appropriate video to post to ring in the new and exciting year we are about to embark upon; and found one I hope you enjoy.

Many of you remember the 70's with fondness of the days when you had hair, and lots of it, wore platform shoes, danced the night away in a disco and could stay up later than 10 PM. Women had the Farah Fawcett hair style and men wore the cool, or so they thought, polyester disco suits. Bell bottoms were cool and basketball players wore short shorts.

Now, many of my readers weren't even born until at least the 80's, and look back at their parents' wedding pictures and laugh at the powder-blue tuxedos, platform shoes, long hair and mutton chop sideburns. How things have changed!

I hope you enjoy this video and have a great 2009! We are all in this together and change is on the way. We will get through these tough times and come out the better for it. Like the man says, "Yes we can, yes we can."

View this nostalgic Happy New Year's video by clicking here.

Take special notice to the clothes and hair. Then, if you are of that generation, think about what you looked and acted like!
Ah, to be young again!

Any comments will be welcomed.



P.S. I do miss my hair!

My friend Tom Wallace and me on the Berkeley campus, 1974!

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