Friday, March 7, 2008

Animals Under The Sea

I've talked about change before and how fast it is happening. I've also addressed how much we are learning and how fast we are learning it. Most notably, Karl Fisch discusses change in his two videos I wrote about in my November 20, 2007 post entitled "The Fischbowl."

A friend just sent me this video by David Gallo and his work in the oceans of the world. It's a fascinating video. I encourage you to check it out:

The highlight of the video for me was at the end when the octopus managed to basically "shape shift" itself to blend into it's surroundings to protect itself.

One statement he made screamed out to me when he said, "We have only explored about three percent of the oceans."

If we are just beginning to learn what lies beneath the surface of the oceans, what will we learn in that other 97%?

If you want to learn more by watching many amazing videos on change, new ideas, learning, growth and many other fascinating topics in eight very different themes which are: arts,
business, entertainment, culture, design, science, technology and global issues. I encourage you to visit the TED website by clicking here.

I know I'm going to be checking out more of the videos. I'm sure there is a good deal of material for speeches that just needs to be explored.



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