Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pacemaker Number Four Is Imminent

Last Thursday I had my acupuncture appointment at 1 PM with my pacemaker check at 2 PM, so I was feeling pretty good, nice and relaxed, when the technician put the little wand over my shoulder and on top of my pacemaker. She turned the machine on and the last two checks I have had of my pacemaker from three months ago and six months ago showed the battery had about a 30% life expectancy yet. Both of those technicians told me I would probably have to get a new pacemaker sometime towards the end of 2015.

I was completely shocked when the needle came up to only 10% and was red indicating my battery has deteriorated dramatically in the last three months! It needs to be replaced in the next month.

In late 1996, I was diagnosed with a lower heart block and needed my first pacemaker. That pacemaker lasted about five years. In early 2002, number two had to be replaced and had lasted about six years. That is the one I have my attendant holding in the picture.

Then, in 2008, when this picture was taken, they inserted my third pacemaker. They told me it should last about ten years. Seven years is a long ways short of ten years, but what am I going to do?

Click on the image to make it larger: 

I have a Medtronic pacemaker with Guidant cables. The technician told me it would be an in and out same-day replacement unless the cables need to be replaced. If they do, then I will need to stay overnight one night. The cables concern me because they are the original cables from 1996. I am guessing they will have to be replaced.  I do not know how long those cables are good for.

For you longtime readers of this blog, you know I have often contended I do not know what the next thing will be coming down the line; I know it will be something and this is it! I hope the next thing waits a little while!

I know some of my posts are not fun and relaxing. I am just keeping it real. It is issues like this that keep me going. If you read my book, you know the doctors told my family in the fall of 1971 my life expectancy was nine years! At 43+ years I am still here and with another new pacemaker it should keep me going a while longer.

If you are not aware of my voice recognition software, Dragon Dictate, the microphone in front of me is how I operate all of my posts. That is why sometimes I can go on for long periods of time because all I have to do is talk and the words appear on the page. For those of you that know me well, you know I like to talk!

I will keep you informed about how this next pacemaker installation goes and probably have something to say about it in another post.

By the way, I have this pacemaker in the picture attached to my briefcase with a little rawhide strap and use it as a teaching tool when I give presentations. I wonder what the next pacemaker will look like?

As always, I look forward to your comments.




Cathy said...

Sorry you have to go thru yet another challenge! Will keep you in thoughts and prayers. Hopefully the technology has improved and you will get a lifetime guarantee!

Colleen said...

Sure and begorha--the Luck Of The IRISH be with you! Maybe you will luck out and the new pacemaker will be Kelly Green---then maybe not!! Just saying!!! Love ya!!

Stacy Young said...

Thinking of you! I love that you keep it real, we learn so much!

Jay said...

Taken a licking and kept on ticking! Go Mike Go!

thedrumwallet said...

Well one more pacemaker, or two more, whatever, you can handle it big brother. keep that thing ticking away! And keep fighting the good fight! Love you!

Celeste Rouse said...

I know you now this, but you are a loved Man Mike! I am one of them. Truly an inspiration...Celeste

Jane said...

Good like with your new apparatus, Mike! Isn't it amazing how new technology keeps allowing people to function? I appreciate your keeping us in the loop about what your life is like. "Keeping it real" is a GOOD thing!



Ms Sparrow said...

I hope this is just a little bump in the road and you're back with your Dragon in a hurry!