Monday, June 25, 2012

Doug Landis Is An Artist

Once again, my inspiration for my post came from a friend. I learned of an extraordinarily talented artist who found his passion by breaking his neck! This is a wonderful story of how a sibling challenge has helped a young man with a hidden talent, find it and make a career out of his new-found passion. Hmm, does that sound familiar?

Here is Doug Landis plying his trade:

It is the photo on his home page. You can see more of his art, purchase it and read his story by going to his website if you click here:

He broke his neck wrestling while in high school. My injury came in a football game. I know  many guys who broke their necks in that fifteen to twenty-four year age bracket. I tell all my audiences to measure their necks by putting their index fingers and thumbs around their necks. I ask them to touch their fingers, note where they touch, then, bring their hands around in front of them and look at how big their necks are. I tell the adults to look at a picture of their necks when they were teenagers, and I tell the younger students to look at pictures of their parents when they were teenagers. I get some interesting reactions from all age groups!

Eighty percent of all spinal cord injuries happen to young males between fifteen and twenty-four because the neck musculature is the last muscle mass of the body to develop.

When I got hurt, I had maybe a thirteen or fourteen inch neck. Now, it is about twenty inches all the way around. Part of that large neck comes from aging, but some of it comes from a disease I call secondhelpingitis!

You can see Doug has a large neck. I am guessing it is off the strength charts because as he states in the video on his site, he uses his neck to move the pencil. He only uses his teeth to hold the pencil.

His is a fascinating story. Of course, I believe everyone has a fascinating story. You ought to hear some of the stories I get after a speech, or at the end of a school day! I am often the last one to leave.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw a YouTube video of some young adults being pulled by a truck down a water slide on an inflatable raft over a steep ramp and landing at all angles in a pool of water. Made me cringe. Only safety item I noticed was some type of helmet.

You made some very good comments on this blog Fat Cat. Kids need to hear this repeatedly.


Mike Patrick said...

Thanks, Ruona for your comment. You are absolutely correct about young people needing to hear these messages!

The thing is, they keep pushing the envelope into the danger zone. Extreme sports scare me! Adrenaline and testosterone are very powerful and especially young males can't get enough of it.

YouTube is just throwing fuel on the fire and giving young men newer and more dangerous stunts to try!

They all believe they are invincible and think "Nothing will ever happen to me."

The problem is, it does happen!

Thanks again for your comment.



Pam said...

HI Mike,

As always, your story Is humbling and encouraging. When we hear of others’ determination and abilities to cope, we feel we can do anything we need to - and to appreciate all we can do. Thank you for your constant inspiration to live our best lives! Hope your summer is going well.