Wednesday, April 13, 2011


In 1998 I heard a speaker talk about change. He was a futurist who studies future events, conditions and developments. Without going into a lot of the details about his presentation, he discussed the history of change in order to better understand future change.

He addressed change in the Middle and Dark Ages, and how we doubled our base of knowledge about once every one hundred years. He said by the time we were in the late nineteenth century that number was down to about every fifty years. Then came the Industrial Revolution, and he said it went down to about every fifteen years.

He told us we were doubling our base of knowledge about every eighteen months. Remember, that was in 1998. He also told us in the next twenty-five years, we would be doubling our base of knowledge about every three weeks!

Well, we are about half way there. How do you think we are doing? I can think of many ways my life has changed because of what we have learned a great deal in many disciplines from medicine to cell phones. Can you come up with a few by starting with the technology that delivered this note to your Inbox? I mean, we are already on the iPad2. Now, we have cars that can parallel park themselves. We did not have that even last year.

Many of my posts come from ideas I get from friends. One of them sent me this CORNING ad which prompted me to thinking about change. Check it out and see what is happening at CORNING. The products will be available in the near future. You can see a fascinating video by clicking here.

What do you think? 

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Diane said...

"Mike, ... that is an amazing video. I am going to post it and share as well. Hope that's ok. My job is in technology yet as I watched it, I realized how fast paced our world has become in developing new and better. Just the other day our team was discussing how we can no longer be good at all things with regards to technology, but have had to divide up areas of expertise among ourselves to keep up with all the changes. Even at that, we fall short of staying on top in technology. Thanks for sharing."

Anonymous said...

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