Tuesday, October 6, 2009


That was fun! If you're not a Minnesota Twins, or even a baseball fan, this post will still have a fun picture I hope you will enjoy.

As a lifelong Twins fan, I got to go to the 1991 World Series games at the Metrodome, but I had to give my Game 7 tickets to a friend because I had a speaking engagement in Eveleth the next day. So, I had to watch Jack Morris pitch the best pitched game in World Series history from my hotel room in Eveleth. At least I got to see Kirby Puckett win Game 6.
That was fun too!

But tonight, the Dome just was not done! It was magical! It was like the '87 and '91 World Series were back! It does not want to give up the Twins! I thought it was fun! Baseball is fun. I am constantly amazed at what Abner Doubleday invented more than one hundred years ago!

The fact he put the bases ninety feet apart, the pitching rubber sixty feet-six inches from home plate, and put it on a mound, four balls, three strikes,
three outs, all the rules that dictate the game were foreseen in the nineteenth century! I find that amazing! Think how different the game would be if he would have made the game last ten innings, or had allowed for free substitution, or made the rule a batter gets four strikes? As it is, he invented a perfect game! At least, that is my opinion.

Watching the managers make their changes tonight was fun to see. If you are a student of the game, would you have made some of Ron Gardenhire or Jim Leyland's decisions?

Anyway, the Twins now get to play the dreaded Yankees. And, most importantly, the Metrodome gets at least one more game!

Now, here's the photo I have been saving to share. A friend sent me this a few weeks ago and I was hoping to find a way to use it. As Forest Gump would say, "Stupid is as stupid does."

I wonder what old Abner would say about the current style of wearing baseball caps with the built-in sun visor on the back of the head?


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Anonymous said...

I agree it was a great game! I bought a Twins t-shirt in honor ... Thinking about wearing it to work tomorrow to show my support especially after the Yankee loss.

- m

It's a great day!