Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dude Perfect Shooting Stars

I have never posted two days in a row; but I saw this story last night on the CBS Evening News and want to share this humorous video with you. Basketball is my favorite sport, especially college basketball. So, when Steve Hartman did this piece last night on the Dude Perfect college students from Texas A&M in College Station, Texas, I just had to share it.

By the way, he is one of my favorite journalists, and has what I believe can only be described as one of the most fun jobs a journalist could have. If you have ever seen any of his ASSIGNMENT: America pieces, you know what I mean.

This story combines basketball, creative problem-solving and critical thinking to show some amazing results. Enjoy!

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I like their creative thinking in coming up with new trick shots; and the fact they are another example of how
creative young people can be.

I look forward to your comments.



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Anonymous said...

Dude, I'd hate to play these boys in horse. Absolutely awesome.