Monday, August 17, 2009

McDonald's New Sandwiches

I am going to get back on my food and obesity soapbox today for a few minutes. I saw the commercial yesterday for McDonald's new Angus Third Pounder sandwiches and it sickened me. With the obesity issue we have in the country today, the largest chain of restaurants in the world has introduced three sandwiches which have some amazing calorie and fat content numbers. Look at how many more calories they have than their already gaudy numbers from their old standbys Big Macs and Quarter Pounders. You can see a comparison of their sandwiches and other items by clicking here. Go to the right side of the page to the Nutrition Comparison, and click on a Menu Category.

I just spent some time on McDonald's website reading about what great quality ingredients they put in all their sandwiches. They talked about how they use 100% beef, (it doesn't get any higher than that, they wrote), all of the fresh vegetables, high quality cheese, but no mention of all the sauces and empty calories some of their ingredients contribute.

Throw in a large fries and a large soda, or a malt and you're set!

Enough of my rant. I'm hungry and have to go eat dinner. No, I'm not going to McDonald's.

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