Friday, June 5, 2009

National Sports Center For The Disabled

In 1980, I had the opportunity to go downhill skiing in Winter Park, Colorado at an organization called the National Sports Center for the Disabled. Little did I know just how large and successful it would become. Now, almost thirty years later, they are an incredible organization with year-round activities in Winter Park. They also have offices in Denver and Kansas City.

You can learn all about their summer and winter programs by going to their website. Just click here.

Their website reads, "The NSCD offers a variety of exciting winter adventures, including alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, Nordic hut trips, snowshoeing, and ski racing ... The NSCD offers a variety of exciting summer adventures, including NSCD Sports Camps, rafting, kayaking, canoeing, special camps, horse pack trips, therapeutic horseback riding, mountain biking, overnight river trips, fishing, camping, and rock climbing."

I love to see how programs and organizations for people with disabilities that were started around the time I had my accident, are prospering and helping people with many different issues. It's great to see people with disabilities being offered new and exciting opportunities.

I think this is a FANTASTIC picture:

If you have a disability, check out their website, see what's available, what activity may interest you and take advantage of their programs. Or, if you are able-bodied and you know someone with a disability, send him or her the NSCD's website.

There is another similar organization right here in Minneapolis doing many of the same activities and then some. They have trips that go all over the world! Check out Wilderness Inquiry and see what they are doing. Just click here.

I welcome your comments. Especially, if you have experience with either organization.



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Gian Turner said...

The foundation of the National Sports Center for the Disabled is a noble deed. Because of the program's success, it is undeniable that the sports center helped a lot of disabled individuals enjoy life and stay fit despite their disabilities. I hope that our locality with the participation of the members of the sports club Glendale will organize the same program and conduct various sports activity in the sports center in Denver for the disabled individuals living around the area.