Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You Need To See This

Imagine you are standing on a small stage in the middle of an arena filled with over 20,000 teachers, staff and administrators, and you are the keynote speaker for the back-to-school convocation of the Dallas Independent School District. How do you feel? Oh, and there's one more thing, you are ten years old!

Your name is Dalton Sherman and this is what you said:

A friend sent me this video the other day and didn't suggest I post this, he said, "You have to post this."

He was right. This precocious young boy gave me shivers up my spine, and that's hard to do because I'm paralyzed! I certainly couldn't have done this at ten. I couldn't do this today!

He has a gift and I hope he is nurtured and taught well to enhance his gift so he reaches his fullest potential. In my opinion, he has a tremendous future as a professional speaker. I wish him well, and I plan to follow him as best I can. With YouTube, that should be fairly easy.

I look forward to your comments.




Daniel said...

Thank you for this post! I'm taking a COMM 100 (public speaking) class this semester and I've found it pretty rough so far. This fellow makes it seem easy and is definitely an inspiration to me :)

Anonymous said...


This kid will probably aspire to be an televangalist or a politician.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! Such an important message for all educators coming from such a powerful young man! Thanks for sharing this!

I'm Not Done Yet said...

To anonymous #1,

I saw him being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, and his hero is Barack Obama. So, you're probably right about the politician part.

I'm thinking he'll be a great motivational speaker if he so chooses.

Thanks for your comment.