Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Power Of The Internet

I'm always looking for more material to share with you and it constantly amazes me what we can find online! Besides doing my own research, people are often sending me links to sites I have used as the basis of a post.

A friend sent me this humorous video the other day, and I laughed out loud several times while viewing it three or four times. The thing that really struck me however was, the number of people who have viewed it and commented on it. With more than 67 million hits and almost 100 thousand comments, I believe it is the most watched video I have ever seen!

Imagine, 67 million times someone has watched this funny video!

Here you go:

Personally, I like dark humor. I think this is funny as well as amazing so many people have viewed it!

Any comments?



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I'm Not Done Yet said...

I just checked youtube and Achmed has been viewed over 81.5 million times! Wow! That's unbelievable!