Saturday, February 21, 2015

What Did You Do Yesterday?

Several years ago I told myself I know there is always going to be something else waiting in line I have to deal with. Yesterday was the latest in the series of events that define my life.

Longtime readers of this blog and personal friends know I get issues every once in a while I get to address that are related to my injury and follow-up events, which detract from my life.

The last couple of weeks I have known there was another infection brewing in my urinary tract and/or pressure sores that are almost healed. My visiting nurse took a urine specimen into the lab to have a urinalysis done. I also had a complete line of blood work done.

I did not know the urinalysis needed a urine culture as well. When the results came back, my infectious disease doctor wanted a urine culture as well. Wednesday, my visiting nurse took a urine culture into the lab to have the urine culture drawn.

The results came back positive, so I had to spend yesterday afternoon and early evening in the hospital getting a midline IV inserted into my right arm and get my first dosage of Gentamicin.  Here is my right arm for the next ten days:

Click on the image to make it larger:

I have a constant urinary tract infection because of a fifteen-inch conduit called an ileostomy a doctor put into me in 1984. My current urologist told me the conduits he put in now are about three inches long. Much of his business is repairing the work my first urologist did on me in 1980 and again in 1984.

The butcher who installed my first ileostomy told me in so many words it would have to be replaced every few years. All he was doing was covering his tracks because my current urologist who also removed my left kidney told me when he puts in an ileostomy is in there for good!

He also told me he was afraid to take out my current conduit because it was scarred in so badly he was afraid I would not make it off the table if he tried to do the surgery! I appreciate his honesty and candor with me. He is the kind of guy with the confidence and ability all surgeons should aspire to.

As a result of having this bacteria producing conduit, I am pretty much always taking one, two or even three antibiotics to keep the powerful bacteria from growing. It is only when the heavy hitting bacteria grows I need to take an IV antibiotic which destroys all of the bacteria in my system and affects my body flora that I need to get IV treatment. When it destroys all the bacteria in my system, it takes a while to get some of the good bacteria growing again.

Of course an issue like this always happens on a Friday. We managed to get everything set up and delivered this morning so my visiting nurse could infuse me with the antibiotic, which will last for the next eight days. It takes an hour to infuse so I am stuck in one position for that hour while a little inflatable bubble releases the antibiotic into my system. You can see the needle on the right end of the midline.

Here is the fully inflated bubble:

Once again, click on the image to make it larger:

When the weather is as cold as it is today and supposedly tonight is supposed to be the coldest night of the year so far, I do not mind staying in. It will be interesting to see how I manage to function when I leave to go to the last two Gopher basketball games! Although, after today's performance I am not sure if I really want to brave the cold and see two more games like today's game!

I look forward to your comments.




Suzie said...

You are something - we never know what's next with you do we? Bless you.

Robin Hanson said...

Oh Mike- I am sorry to hear of your infection. You have been so strong and have had a great attitude through all your medical procedures. Take care and keep smiling! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Colleen said...

Mike, as your Grandpa Joe always used to say--Every cloud has a silver lining. It's a pain to have to get the pic line in again BUT it's a lot better than being in the hospital for ten days as you have been so many times for this very reason...Just saying!

Ruona said...

Fat Cat, Thanks for the update. Huna is always thinking of you!! Go KU!!

Mary said...

Thanks for sharing this medical challenge and complexity and the personal side of your steps to heal ... Helps me to know the miracle of our bodies to heal and fight the battles, and your courage and resilience!

You are in my prayers for complete healing and yes, Go Gophers!

Take care and God Bless!


... It's another great day!

Jane said...

Sure wish you didn't have to go through these ordeals. My nephew, had a heart transplant 25 years ago and experiences much of the same type of stuff ... he's waiting for a new kidney now. You are both so brave! Thank you for sharing to help increase our knowledge and understanding of what challenges are posed for so many people. Wishing you better soon,

Earl Hipp said...

I too have watched you face these and countless other challenges with courage, patience and humor. All incredible personal strengths if you ask me. Your story puts the flu I've been complaining about in perspective. Thanks for that gift and for your friendship.