Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More About My Dreams

Once again my dreams have led me to write about them. I have written other posts about my dreams and how I intersect between my life before my accident and after. I have also written about my relationships with relatives who have passed on and how I dream about them.

I have done some research in the past on dreams, and as I understand it, the average dream is only about twenty seconds in length. It is difficult for me to imagine how much information can get in roughly twenty seconds!

I also listen to Jim Wand, a master hypnotist who helps me with my short-term memory issues. I have written about him in the past as well. Jim says we will dream about the last thing we think about before we go to sleep at night. I find that to be somewhat true because I do that on occasion, and other times I will dream about something that happened during the day.

Lately, I have been having issues with my sleep apnea and a new breathing machine. It seems I am not getting into the deepest REM sleep stage all the time and for the maximum length of time.

I understood there was only one REM stage. I recently found out there are several stages of REM sleep. If you are not aware of all the stages of sleep, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. That is the stage when sleep is at its deepest and when we dream. I would suggest doing your own research on REM sleep to get a better understanding if you wish to know more.

I remember in my early twenties watching a news story on how many Americans suffered from sleep issues the older they got. I could not imagine what it must be like to not be able to get a good night sleep. Now, I know what that story was all about!

The reason I wanted to make this post was to discuss recent dreams and not necessarily what they mean, although I am sure a dream analyst would have opinions, that is not why I want to share with you what has been happening and see if you can relate.

I have been having dreams where I find myself in a terrible situation that could end in a life or death dilemma. Some of them have been pre-accident mixed with post-accident scenarios mixed with people who often are faceless. Fortunately, in these dreams, just before I am going to meet with my impending death or tragedy, I wake up only to be relieved it was just a dream!

Needless to say, I am always relieved at waking up! Sometimes, I will go back into my REM sleep and find myself back in the same situation. However, most of the time I will go into a completely different situation where my life is not threatened.

Recently, I had another sleep study done and they gave me a new machine with different settings for my inhalation and exhalation patterns. I do not know if that new machine has anything to do with my dreams, but I do find it rather coincidental they started when I got this new machine.

I did learn there are several new types of sleeping disorders machines besides CPAP and BiPAP. I do not have all of the names now, but my new machine has the acronym ADAP. I cannot tell you what it stands for now as I cannot find my information on the new machine.

I know everyone has had bad dreams, and I am not saying I have them every night. I wanted to ask you, my readers, and your thoughts on what is going on and if you ever have the same run of bad dreams. If you do, is there anything you can advise me on what to do to get out of that cycle? I would appreciate any advice you might have.

Maybe this episode of bad dreams will cycle out and stop on its own? Or, maybe it will continue and possibly get worse? I do not want to think that way; however, that is something I think about.

As always, I look forward to your comments and suggestions.




Ms Sparrow said...

Hi Mike, I've been using a CPAP since 2000. Before I got it, I was so sleep deprived I'd fall asleep all the time. It reached the point where I'd fall asleep at work and even have minor hallucinations. The machine has made loads of difference. I wouldn't be without it. As far as your new machine causing recurring dreams, it might be that you're staying longer in your REM cycles and still adjusting. I saw a guru on TV recently who said we should do self talk as we drift off, like, "It was a good day. Tomorrow's going to be a good day." My personal favorite (when I think of it) is to do a soothing, "It's all good". It might not help but it certainly won't hurt!

Jane said...

Hey Mike,

Dreaming can be upsetting to our daytime awareness. I've had periods of my life plagued by dreams, usually caused by some form of stress. But most of my bad dreams relate to childhood fears — I'm currently reading a book about two young people in Germany and France during WW2 and have been dreaming about being chased and needing to hide, and dreading the outcome. I was born right after WW2 in the Netherlands, and so grew up in a country recovering from occupation, starvation, and war — heard a lot about it and felt very fearful as a child.

Don't know if this helps you understand your own experience, but I hope it's meaningful in terms of shared human emotions/reactions.

Hugs, and best wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving!