Sunday, August 24, 2014

More News On Tammy

Since my last post getting you up to speed on what my youngest sister, Tammy, is up to these days, she has been flying almost nonstop from coast-to-coast and back again!

My August ninth post brought you to that point. However, since then she has been traveling and speaking from Anchorage to Buffalo, back to Washington DC for a couple days. Then, on Tuesday she came back to Minneapolis with my mom who was vacationing with Jeff and Tammy, so she could address a group of national legislators at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Wednesday, August twentieth where she then flew to San Francisco to address a conference there.

I just talked to her and she is doing a little shopping before she catches a late-night plane back to DC. She was busy and could not talk long so I did not get to ask her if she felt any of the earthquakes this morning near San Francisco. However, Tammy just sent a message to my mom telling her she slept through most of the earthquakes.

Tammy's husband, Jeff Farias, posted this interview from C-SPAN on his Facebook page today. I find it fascinating to see what her charge has been with this current position and how she is literally taking the message to the people. Click on this URL to view the C-SPAN video:

The Bipartisan Policy Center will have her traveling a lot this next year to year and a half. In fact, I asked her that the other night as twelve of our family members got to spend a few hours with Tammy having dinner at a local restaurant. She emphasized the words "a lot of travel" in her reply!

I did not get a chance to ask her how many people would be in the audience on Wednesday when she spoke at the convention center, but I am certain it was a large audience as every state has many state legislators.

If you watched the Question and Answer video from above, you can see they are trying to bring the election process into the 21st century, insure there are enough voting booths at every polling place, make sure everyone has the right to vote and make sure overseas and military ballots are counted. There are a couple more aspects of their assignment.

It is no small task, but spoken like a true proud, big brother she comes from a good gene pool and is up to the task! I can only imagine the places she will see, the people she will meet and the experiences she will have while she carries out this assignment.

She did show several pictures they took the day before in a Redwood forest north of San Francisco. The giant Redwoods are not something we all get to see every day. Several years ago I got to go through the Avenue of the Giants in northern California and experience three-thousand-year-old trees that rise three hundred feet and more into the air. If you ever get a chance to go through the giant Redwood or Sequoia parks, I encourage you to do it. It is something you will never forget.

There I go, getting off track again!

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Mary said...

Happy Summer, Mike! I enjoy your posts and always learn something!!

It is exciting to hear that we have people like Tammy looking out for election processes, and speaking to legislators who can improve them!

Take care and thanks for keeping us informed!


... It's another great day!

Colleen Patrick said...

I had the distinct pleasure of sitting in on one of her meetings with the Native American tribes in her home state of Arizona three years ago. Now, More than ever before in our nations history, it us imperative that every voter exercises his right to cast a vote and be counted and heard! Proud Mother!

Earl said...

Influencing large audiences appears to run in your family. You guys just have that "make the world a better place" gene!