Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cheerios And Chidren

This commercial came across my cyber desk the other day:

View it by clicking here.

It has caused a lot of controversy because the family is biracial. Obviously, this particular version has not been seen that often; however, other versions with discussions following can run up to six, seven, eight minutes or longer.

It was not that long ago when biracial or interracial marriages were outlawed in many states. Today they are allowed in every state. It was not until 1967 when the Supreme Court deemed anti-miscegenation laws unconstitutional, with many states choosing to legalize interracial marriage at much earlier dates. That is according to Wikipedia. If you want to read the entire Wikipedia entry, click here.

I find it appalling how certain groups of people still have a problem with miscegenation in the United States in the year 2013! There are enough of them to create such an uproar that Cheerios and General Mills decided not to run the comments after their online commercial.

If that is the case, do those groups feel the same way about people with disabilities marrying? I know people who are against people with developmental disabilities being married.

What about the LGBT community and the recent Supreme Court decision allowing Gay Marriage? Look how long it took that group and the fight they had struggled to gain equality in marriage.

Are there always going to be haters out there? I already know the answer to my question. What can be done about it? Anything?

I try to do my part in speeches when the opportunity arises where I can make a comment on the subject. That rarely happens when I can get into the subject very deeply. Occasionally, I may get a question from an audience member that allows me a platform to give my opinion on certain subjects. I have to be sensitive to my meeting planner's goals and objectives, so I cannot stray too far into subjects I might like to discuss.

I look forward to your comments. I hope this leads to an interesting discussion.




Joyce N said...

I loved the commercial!

Victoria said...

I, too, loved the commercial and was appalled when I heard they were pulling it. I thought it was downright sweet. I truly didn't see the biracial mix; just saw a sweet daughter doing something wonderful to help her daddy! I need to sit down and read all of your blogs, Mike. I think it will be some time well spent by me!

Richard G Evans said...

I loved that commercial too, and am still naïve enough to not have realized it would upset anyone, but of course it did...

Sometimes I wonder what world we live in. My family too is very biracial and mixed in just about every other way, religion, orientations, and onward.

And after awhile, you, while acknowledging and celebrating the differences, you also stop noticing them al that much until someone points it out.

I heard it said one tine, "beauty is only skin deep--but ugliness goes all the way to the bone." It is sad we live in a society where ugly is still okay.