Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I have had this cartoon for several years, and use it in slideshows for openings of conferences when I keynote in a ballroom. I just found it the other day and cannot help but share it with you. It is a classic example of clean humor and creative problem-solving.

Who says, Turkeys are stupid!?

Enjoy your tryptophan nap tomorrow as you try to watch your favorite game or other show through your eyelids!

I look forward to your comments.




Earl Hipp said...

Blessing on you to my friend. In this season of gratitude, I'm grateful for my connection to you and for our history.

Jeff said...

Great cartoon!!!

I hope you'll have a great Thanksgiving too.

Jane L said...

Fun funny! Thanks Mike! I had a good Thanksgiving with my family. I talked about your accomplishments and your celebrity visit to Worthington on Turkey Day — were your ears ringing?