Monday, September 3, 2012

I Am One Today!

If you are a new reader to this blog, you may not know my feelings about the two lives I believe I have lived, and the third one I started one year ago tonight. So, today I am officially one! I am attaching a photo of my first birthday in my first life. You can see I was already using my left hand!

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September third is always a rough day for me. I have a hard time believing it was forty-one years ago tonight when I broke my neck and started life number two. I do not know where the time has gone.

Is time flying by for you as fast as it seems to fly by for me? I remember when I was a child and time could not move fast enough. I could not wait to grow up. As a young child, I was a gym rat. I was in the gym whenever my dad was coaching basketball.

We always had a basketball goal in our driveway which got used a lot by a young boy with big dreams. Worthington was the eighth town and sixteenth different location by the time we moved there in February 1969, before I was fourteen! I wanted to be on the big stage and play on the Varsity football and basketball teams in the worst way.

Then, when I finally got my big chance, it was all over in about three minutes. Little did I know what those final three minutes were ending and beginning in an instant in time.

Last year I wrote about finishing my ebook and trying to come up with a name. A year later, I came up with a new name; I Still Believe In Tomorrow is now available online through my website and also now published as a paperback. It may be ordered through all the major booksellers or by sending me an email at

The book is starting to sell. I have two book signings lined up in the next two weeks, and two more in the planning stages. Several colleges are considering using it in their classes and I am trying to get a deal with a book distributor.

Most of the September third's that go by are pretty tough to get through. Today, and especially this evening because by now, I would have been in the ambulance on my way to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and the emergency room at Sioux Valley Hospital. That was the night my second life began.

I am finding some of what I have written is in the book, so I will stop here and invite you to buy the book. I am getting great reviews from readers on both the ebook and paperback formats. If you get it and like it, please feel free to let me know with your review.

I look forward to your comments.



P.S. You may read my post from last September third by clicking here. It has some good comments too.

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Karen said...

You are so cute! Even at 1 year old I can tell that it is you.