Friday, December 30, 2011

Every Male Jogger Needs A Jog Strap

I have to close out the year with a very irreverent commercial a friend just sent me. See if you agree with my somewhat sick sense of humor:

I hope everyone has a Happy and safe New Year! Oh, and happy jogging!

I know 2012 will be better than 2011. I had two Red Letter Days yesterday and today; 2011 is ending on a high note for me! Also, the book is starting to sell and starting Tuesday, my marketing plan kicks into high gear!

I look forward to your comments.




Anonymous said...

Sweet. Have a blessed new year buddy.


Lori (Anderson) Pelton said...

Mike, I just finished reading your book. I thought it was great, you really have a good outlook on life. My Brother, Dennis Anderson, (Elmer) was a friend of yours in High School, he also played football and basketball, #34. I remember when your accident happened, he never quite looked at football the same way again. As a kid you NEVER think that anything will happen to you. You were a reality check, even before that was a phrase. Denny is currently living in Plano TX and working for GM. I liked the desert experiment that you used in your book. I was with the Mom's who rode out on the horse. I have been a single parent for most of my children's lives, my Husband left us when I was expecting my second child. Life as a single parent is not an easy one, but I don't know if I would change it knowing what I know now. My two boys and I have a wonderful relationship, we are so close, and my two kids are very close also. They are both on their own, have great careers and happy lives. The oldest of my two sons is married and has a little boy of his own who is 10 months old. Both of them are college graduates, and one of them just about melted my heart when he listed me as his hero in a college paper. I graduated from USD, in South Dakota last year as a registered nurse. I had wanted to go to college for a long time, but I needed more to be good, involved Mom for my boys. So, with them both grown and doing well, I went back to school. It was really hard to go to school at my age, but I knew it would be worth it, and actually, it felt kinda good to stretch this old brain and see what I could do. We learn by growing, don't we... I am currently working as a RN in Milwaukee WI. I enjoy taking care of my patients, and I try to see them as individuals, not as a pile of symptoms I deal with everyday. I encourage them to keep trying, (rehab)as you know, we can accomplish more than we think we can sometime. If you had listened to that Dr. where would you be now? The human spirit drives us to try to keep trying and trying until we find a way to make it happen. Your message to the youth of today is important. Many young people do not have people who believe in them and encourage them. Many families have absent parents, busy parents, or the kids are on their own. Not everyone is as lucky as we were to grow up in a town where people cared about us like Worthington. Keep up the good work Mike, I look forward to hearing more from you.
A Fellow Worthingtonite!!!!!
Lori (Anderson) Pelton

Dave said...

Loved it and I'm going to get one ... not for running, but just for "hanging out!"