Thursday, August 11, 2011

Please Give Me Your Thoughts

I am in the final editing stages of a book I have been working on for several years. It is indeed the inspiration for this blog. Some of your comments are even in the book.

The working title is I'm Not Done Yet, And Neither Are You. My editor has come across some concerns with that title because of a possible copyright infringement. I have received opinions on both sides of that issue. I have been told it is okay to use it, while others are telling me I need to change it. It is still my preferred title, and I may end up using it.

Here is where I would like your thoughts on a title. I am listing several possible titles and I would like you to tell me which one you like. Also, please write any new title ideas you may have.

Thank you in advance.

I'm Not Done Yet

I Still Believe In Tomorrow

An Instant In Time May Change Everything

I Know Why I Broke My Neck

Don't Ever Break Your Neck ... 
It's Not Worth The Good Parking Spots

When Your Pride Goes Out The Window

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I look forward to your comments.




Julie said...

I am so happy to hear you are getting so close to publication...I know Jen will be excited to hear this as well.

While my obvious first choice is the same as yours, if I had to choose a second title I think I would choose

I Still Believe in Tomorrow
(how an instant in time can change everything)

Love you

PJaye said...

What about your comment about getting the electric chair and living to tell about it.... I can't remember your exact wording.

I'm Not Done Yet brings people to your blog site....

Hurray for getting the book to this point!

Hugs, Paula

Jan said...

My resounding vote is for "I'm Not Done Yet" because, clearly, you aren't!

Anonymous said...

Fat Cat,

Your signature is "I'm Not Done
Yet". That said, that's my #1. My #2 is " Don't Ever Break Your Neck ..It's Not Worth The Good Parking Spots" only because it's your humor bud.

Glad you're back!! Missed you.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Mike Patrick, we had a long conversation about this right before I left PRHC. I am still going for the original title...that phrase came from one of the FIRST stories you told me!!! If a second then I would go with the A Moment in Time....but what about A Second in Time or A Period in Time. Kind of gives an idea to the event that changed your life. Hope things are looking up for you!

Anonymous said...

I like either I'm Not Done Yet or the one regarding the parking spots...either are great. So are you, Mike. I hope you know I haven't forgotten you, old room mate! Blessings.

Billie Jo said...

How about...
Your Butt looks Beautiful?
;) haha! jk!

I think the title of your book should be whatever you want it to be - whatever makes you happy.