Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Think We Found One Of The Problems

I went to get my cushion looked at yesterday. I found out the cushion was part of my pressure problem. It seems the cushion had a small break in the base of the cushion and was causing a pressure problem on my left side.

After several hours and numerous trips on and off the mapping system, he repaired the base of the cushion and I have been able to sit up for several hours today.

It looks like I am on the upswing with the pressure issue. Now, we will see what the wound doctor has to say on February twenty-eighth about a possible surgery sometime in March.

I am hoping my wounds will heal enough between now and then so a third surgery this year will not be necessary. Since 1972, I have had eight surgeries on my left side and two surgeries on my right side. I am really not looking forward to surgery number eleven.

The worst part of this whole ordeal is I have missed every Gopher basketball game this year. That has never happened in the more than thirty years I have been a season ticket holder for my favorite sport, college basketball. After all, I do have my priorities!

So it is off to bed again now.




Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Mike. I can't even imagine everything you've been through, not only in the recent past, but throughout your whole life. I know I would not have been as strong as you have been. You must have strong faith in God and His purpose for you. Take care, Mike. God Bless You!

Wayne said...

Really glad to hear that news.

I pray for you every day.


Bruce said...

Best of luck with this recent repair. Pressure wounds can be a big pain in the butt (no pun intended) I'll keep my fingers crossed,