Monday, March 29, 2010

Walking Your Talk

I have written about my friend and colleague, Earl Hipp before, but I want to share with you his latest blog post and what he is doing to help mentor boys become men. I have known Earl for about twenty years and we have shared the stage together, had many long discussions about our speaking topics and watched each other's careers develop to where they are today.

Earl and his wife, Gwen spend about six months a year in Tucson and he keeps busy with his passion of men mentoring boys on their journey to manhood. I received his latest post on Saturday about an event they just held. I want to share it with you. You can read it by clicking here. It is very good!

We all know about the problems today's generation is dealing with and how many of them are not handling those issues very well. It is great to see people like Earl, and all the people he is working with, to help boys become successful young men.

Way to go Earl!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing. What a wonderful way to reach out to these kids. Earl unfortunately makes me feel like a slug. Thanks for sharing Fatcat!


Earl Hipp said...

Thanks Mike, I deeply appreciate your support. . . and freindship. In my work, I'm just hoping to influence the lives of a fraction of the kids you have touched with your amazing brand of wisdom, humor, and story telling.

In my world, for a guy in a wheelchair, you really "walk your talk!"