Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jim Brandenburg's Photography

September 3, 1971 was the night I got hurt. There was a young photographer standing in the end zone taking pictures for the Worthington Daily Globe, the local, daily newspaper. His name was Jim Brandenburg.

He took these pictures, along with several others, you can see on my website by clicking here:

Click on the images to enlarge:

Jim has come a long way in his career since that night. Many of you may know of his phenomenal body of work. He is an award-winning nature photographer, filmmaker and environmentalist, and has become one of the most respected nature photographers in the world. I came across Jim's website, blog and Facebook page, and spent the last couple of hours checking them out.

A friend gave me this framed, autographed print several years ago and it is one of my most prized possessions. Jim signed it, "With great admiration!" Jim Brandenburg

WOW! Here's this world-famous photographer, and he's admiring me. That was pretty cool!

You can visit Jim's websites by clicking on these three words: Website, Blog, Facebook.

Take some time to peruse his work and see if you agree with me.

I look forward to your comments.



P.S. Jim's office gave me permission to use this copyrighted
image entitled Gray Wolf.


Rick Jauert said...

The power of his pictures are present even back then as the photographer for the Worthington Globe. His humility as well. As his star has risen, his roots remain firmly planted in Luverne. Every five years, he and his wife, Judy, return with hearts full, to Luverne for the all-school reunion and submit themselves to the endless admirers who are proud to have a town boy done good! I knew his patron saints, Jim and Florence Vance, owners and publishers (I believe of the Worthing Globe -- those were the days when the Globe was the beacon of SW Minnesota -- if not all of Minnesota; fearless in their pursuit of the news and clear in their mission to educate and enlighten -- to advocate for all). Florence and Jim encouraged and nurtured Jim in the pursuit of his dream. They did the same for me as a young DFLer who believed in the principles of the party -- but didn't always have the means to join in the functions. Jim and I had never met -- but clearly the Vance's spoke of each of us. When I returned to Luverne for one of the same reunions, upon identifying myself, Jim pulled me out of line and greeted me as an old friend (an old friend who shared the wonderful Vances). I, too, have an incribed book which reads: "For Rick, Your involvement in the political process is making the world a better place! Warmest Wishes, Jim Brandenburg" I was so touched and humbled. I remain so. The Vances are gone -- Jim, many years ago, and Florence a few years ago. But their legacies live on in those they mentored. I am proud to be one of them. They would call me on the phone when I was Congressman Minge's Chief of Staff and the Brady gun ban was up for a vote...Rick, are we going to be alright (would the Congressman vote for the ban) and I told them yes we would be alright -- Jim, would lean away from the phone and speak loudly to Florence (who must'v been in another room) "Florence, Rick says we're ok"...reassured they would sign off. Jim and his work continues to soar -- reminding us of the beauty and fragility of our surroundings. I admire his work so. It's nice to see that the Vance's were visionaries who understood life was multi-faceted; that art was essential -- and politics was mandatory; that they were not mutually exclusive, but complimented, in fact, needed each other to flourish -- and certainly to fulfill our lives. Jim's work and his endless trips to Luverne (and undoubtedly everywhere he goes where he teaches his technique and lives his humility) underscore the importance of mentoring the next generation, and the next. Each of us has an obligation to do so. Mike, thanks for taking me back to 1971 -- I remember many of the details -- certainly not the way you do. Who were you playing that night -- was it Luverne? I don't think so. You must've traveled an incredible path to get where you are today -- each of us has in different ways. I've certainly done so. Thanks for doing this. Rick

Rick Jauert said...

Mike: I was on my Dr. Pepper night walk last night and wrote a very long post on your Brandenburg blog...but tech-wiz that I am -- lost it. I think this new process aol sent me may make it did they know I was an idiot??? If this works, I'll try to reconstruct it. I'm off to Italia on Tuesdy, but will try to do some from there. Rick

I'm Not Done Yet said...


Thanks for the comment. You are certainly right about the Vances and the Globe. No, we were not playing Luverne. We were playing Owatonna.

If you click on the pictures, they enlarge to full size. Then, it's obvious who we were playing. :-)



ROBIN said...

I will never forget that night- the silence in the stadium- the uncertainty- the prayers. I have been a long-time admirer of Jim's and have enjoyed my visits to his gallery in Ely as well as his contributions to the Worthington Daily Globe.
Take care.

tom brakke said...

Two men I know and admire, and one tragic night. Like Jim, you have used your talents well and have shown a willingness to share with others beyond measure.

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